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NuAge Detection & Pest Elimination LLC




Imagine a world that does not use harsh, harmful, potent pesticides or chemicals to rid unwanted pests into your home. Would you feel safer that your children, pets and loved ones are not sleeping, playing or living around these residual pesticides and chemicals? Now imagine a world that uses the power of all natural energized hot air to eliminate all life cycles of some of the most difficult indoor invasive pests and is also a powerful sanitizer. This is not just limited to bugs and insects, heat kills and eliminates all living organisms that can be harmful to people such as: viruses, bacteria, fungi and microbes.

Research has proven heat treatments are the fastest, safest, and most efficient way to eradicate bed bugs from a home. All insects have a thermal death point that they cannot become resistant to like some pesticides. This is not new or uncharted technology, in fact heat treatments for the purpose of insect removal have been around since the 1980's. It was not until one bug, BED BUGS, made a strong come back in the last 20 years that made the search for a better, safer, faster, more efficient way to rid their customers of this unwanted parasite. 

I have personally and successfully exterminated insects such as: bed bugs, fleas, roaches and pantry pests from homes utilizing heat and traditional pesticide treatments over my 15 years as an exterminator. I understand fully what it takes to successfully eradicate these insects from homes both ways and I hands down choose heat treatments 100% of the time. Heat treatments allow me to give you the best opportunity to eradicate all life cycles of insects in the matter of hours not weeks, months or years which is impossible to do with traditional treatments and chemical sprays.  I am personally onsite monitoring temperatures in your home minute by minute with wireless sensors that are placed in the rooms for the duration of the treatment.  With my quality heat treatments all life cycles of bed bugs and other pests can be completely eradicated in 1 day. There is no added stress to do extensive prep work or laundering. I ensure all contents, clothing, furniture and bedding are properly heat treated onsite. Finding bed bugs in your home is stressful enough without worrying about extensive prep and laundering before a treatment can be done. In most cases all furniture and bedding is completely salvageable. There is no additional cost to you by having to replace any furniture, mattresses or box springs that were contaminated or infested by bed bugs.

I have so many jobs I am fond of, but here are two that I feel especially proud of. The first was a customer that contacted me off a referral back in the summer of 2017 looking for bed bug Remediation. At that time she did not want to pay a little more for the heat treatment and decided to have her unit chemically treated with another company. Long story short, 5 months later after chemical treatment failed, I had the privilege to give them a bed bug free environment.

The 2nd, and this scenario unfortunately happens way too many times, was a customer that wanted a second opinion from a previous bed bug dog inspection company. Her reason was simple there was no proof her bite like symptoms were from bed bugs even though a trained dog came in and said yes there was. Upon our inspection we did confirm that it was not Bed Bugs and in fact another very common household Pest, Carpet Beetle Larvae. Carpet beetle larvae could be the answer to her bite like marks, since they do have the capability to cause a skin irritation that can resemble bed bug bites. They are found in the same places you can expect to find Bed Bugs, and they also shed their skin just like bed bug nymphs.

If you suspect or know that you are living with unwanted pests such as bed bugs, fleas, roaches or any other indoor invasive pest, give us a call today so that we can set up your free in-home inspection.  I will start with an evaluation of your home, determine the extent of your pest infestation and then put the proper plan of action together. Then safely and effectively eradicate all pests within hours without the worry of my customers or pets sleeping or playing around residual pesticides.